A Guide for users of SagePay and Actinic V10

SagePay has recently rolled out an upgrade to its payment service provider protocol; version 2.23.

This has raised some particular nuances of setup for Ecommerce customers, however in this post I’d like to cover the main changes required to ensure the Actinic Ecommerce program, which with version 10 now supports the 2.23 protocol.

NOTE: Users of earlier software versions will still be using the older SagePay protocol v2.22 which is still supported for the time being and should ensure that current sites continue to work as required.

There are three main areas that store owners need to be aware of with regards to SagePay V2.23

1) SagePay now requires first name and last name fields, where previously you only had to supply a single name field.
In Actinic version 10 there is an option in the “Business Settings | Ordering” screen to toggle between a single name field and a first name/last name field.
We recommend you select the First name/Last name option here. This ensures correct customer information passed through to Sage.

2) “None of the above” as an invoice/delivery country option is no longer allowed. This option must be removed from the Shipping and Tax areas of Actinic.

3) Country codes are restricted to the standard, two character values.
This will specifically effect those users of SagePay and Actinic who previously could create their own “country/locations” in Actinic with custom country codes e.g. HS – Highlands and Islands.
The county list (and county/state list) MUST be in the two letter format and tie in with standard country code  e.g. UK or US etc.
Only UK, Canada and US can have states defined.

You can read more about the specific Actinic requirements here:  http://community.actinic.com/showthread.php?p=302239

The new protocol has been designed to improve the security, reliability and performance of the SagePay service.

If any Actinic customers are having issues configuring their Actinic program to utilise this new protocol then contact teclan as we may be able to assist you in setting this up correctly for your own website.

Update: 15/09/10
We have identified a bug in Actinic’s checkout when both invoice and delivery addresses are selected. The bug incorrectly changes the state/county drop down to a text box when it should remain a selectable drop down. This has a further knock-on effect for SagePay in that the “BillingState” field becomes invalid and “Malformed.”
Actinic have announced a fix for this coming in Actinic update 10.0.3.
Until then we have a temporary fix for this here: http://community.actinic.com/showthread.php?t=48194

Update 28/09/10
We have seen the drop-down fix above does not resolve the BillingState field SagePay error when using SagePay 2.23 protocol and UK states. The recommended approach to resolve this, until the fix is released, is to revert back to the SagePay 2.22 protocol.