Actinic Business v11

The V11 update has received lots of positive feedback from our customers.

Here’s what the press think

Actinic Business v11 (Extract from The Telegraph)

This ecommerce software is an improvement on earlier versions and sophisticated enough to suit most online retailing needs

So you’ve set up a decent website, but you want to sell things online rather than just directing customers to your stores or call centre?

Actinic aims to provide all the ecommerce and shopping cart solutions you need, and works for single sites or multiple sites for bigger companies.

I’ve reviewed Actinic’s products here before, but over the years the company’s software has slipped behind competitors in terms of online functions. For instance, live stock levels weren’t included, so your customers might order something without knowing you’d just sold the last one.

That live stock information was finally introduced in last year’s version, and designed so that online and desktop application stock levels are synchronised handy if you sell via a website as well as in your shop, say.

This year, things have been made simpler still. So the software can automatically create customer accounts and makes managing these accounts online easy. Customers can also track orders and see their order history.

Checkout was an issue in earlier versions, with customers finding that they had to click through multiple pages to order and pay for items. This is now improved, and all on one page.

There are Actinic products for smaller enterprises starting at £19.99 a month, and pricier options if you need them. Actinic Business Plus, for instance, is the next level up and makes it easy to integrate data with Sage 50 Accounts software.

Actinic Business falls in the middle of the range and includes marketing options to use on the site, such as buy-one-get-one-free offers, coupons and discounts, along with lists to show what other customers bought.

Setup is through a series of user-friendly wizards and the product catalogue is managed through a drag-and-drop interface. There are pre-designed themes and styles which you can customise as you build the site.

The strength of Actinic’s program is that it’s a comprehensive one-stop shop with a lot of features, and the latest edition is the most useful yet.

4 stars