AOL search traffic is now powered by Bing!

On 1st January 2016, Bing became AOL’s Internet search provider, providing ads and algorithmic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide that have the capability of web search, exclusively in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

This is great news for businesses currently advertising on Bing and another reason for new comers to get on board.

  • With AOL and Yahoo, Bing has an even further reach than ever before which Bing believe will increase click volume by up to 8% in the US.
  • Most current ad products will be enabled for AOL’s search traffic, (Customer Ratings and Shopping are in beta).
  • Currently, one in five searches are now powered by Bing in the US.
  • Bing now power web search traffic across all devices for AOL – PC, tablet and mobile – and on properties such as, AOL Mail, AOL Desktop, Autoblog, MapQuest and more.

Although many of these stats are US based and AOL is not widely used in the UK, there is still an audience here to add to the 10% of all Bing searches being made in the UK.

teclan are Bing Accredited Partners and we work with our clients on Bing Organic optimisation, Bing Product Feed Management and Bing pay per click ads.

Bing Ad Accredited

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