Are you keeping tabs on your Google Base?

teclan recommends that all our customers utilise Google Base to keep their products prominent in the Google rankings under the Shopping option. This has proved to be very successful for increased sales and company recognition. It does not cost anything. It also helps competitiveness with pricing as the same or similar products will be listed alongside yours.

To be continually successful with Google Base however, you need to keep tabs on your own Google base feed. We recommend that you check your Google Dashboard daily if possible, to check all your products are still active and that none have been disapproved. Google have very strict guidelines and just an extra mention of ‘free shipping’ in a description can lead to a product being disapproved.

A few of our customers have experienced problems when the Google Base feed is set to upload automatically once a month. Unless set up meticulously, Google will scan the live site, be unable to match the data and disapprove all the products. If this is not checked, the customer will quickly see the red line forming which shows the products dropping off.

An option is to manually upload the base feed each time, which will keep you in control and you can ensure all the latest updates to your site are in there, but you will still have an expiry date that you need to remember each month – there are no email reminders.

To upload your Googleproduct feed file generated by Actinic to your site please action the following –

1- Generate your Google product feed by going to

Marketing > Export Google Product Search Data feed > Browse > Name the file to something similar to that of “Googleproducts” > save this file into your site1 folder

2- Attach the newly generated file in actinic

Design > Additional files > Add the newly created file in step 1 by clicking “Add”

3- Upload your site as normal

Publish to web or web > refresh website

4- In your Google Base account make sure the Feed URL is pointing to the where the file was uploaded to.

** Please note the above instructions are for guidance purposes teclan will not be responsible for any issues which arise from following the above instructions **

teclan can help.

If you would like to set up Google Base for your website or feel you do not have enough time to manage it yourself, teclan can help. For a small charge we can set this up for you, monitor your base feeds and check for any errors or warnings. If you would like to speak to one of our Google Base experts, contact us at or on 01463 898043.