Google Remarketing – getting more sales from your website visitors

google_remarketingOK – so your website is looking great. It’s responsive for all devices, it’s got great product images and is well optimised for search engines and customers alike.

A customer arrives, has a plod through your products and pages, and for some unfathomable, frustrating reason they simply do not click and buy right there and then! How dare they!

They wander on their merry way to the next website that grabs their span-shortened attention. You’ve lost them for ever……
Or have you?

All is not lost. Google Remarketing allows you to put your message, product and adverts directly in front of those people who have previously visited your website.

Imagine you are promoting a brand new product on your website. Imagine paying for Adword or Shopping Campaigns to drive traffic to your product page, only for people to leave again.
With Google Remarketing you can specifically target these individuals and deliver to them a tailored message or advert which they will see on supporting websites across the breadth of Google’s ad display network.

Example of remarketing showing on the Guardian website.
Example of remarketing ads showing on the Guardian website.

This gives you, the merchant, a fantastic opportunity for a second bite at the Cherry to convince that customer to come on back to your website and buy that wonderful, new product after all.

We regularly see additional revenue and higher conversion rates coming through remarketing activities.

If your business is already running adwords and Shopping campaigns (which it should be) and generating a lot of visitors (sessions) and traffic then you need to look into the most effective and efficient way to implement Remarketing for your website.

You can get in touch with any off the teclan team who can help answer any questions about the benefits and features.