Google Search Console – the free data source

google-amp-fast-speed-travel-ss-1920-800x450Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free service offered by Google to help site owners monitor, maintain their site’s performance and visibility in Google’s search index.

There are many benefits of using the Search Console including:

1. It is free; providers usually charge for such in depth data
2. You can notify Google about your existing and new content
3. Maintain your site’s technical performance
4. Understand what search queries people are finding your site through
5. See if there is any unwanted malware on your site
6. Check who is linking to your site and take corrective actions if there are any unwanted links
7. Check how Google is seeing your site; correct any issues that Google has raised as warnings
8. Checks if your site is mobile friendly or not
9. Improve the user experience by taking care of the ‘Not Found’ pages and crawl errors that are flagged up through the account
10. Be aware of any indexation issues that Google is finding about your site
11. Set up Geographical targets for your site audience
12. Google sends out warnings/messages in the manual Actions section if your site is penalised; if you do not have this set up, you will never know this
13. Use the disavow tool from Google to request Google to ignore any penalties your site has incurred. This is the crucial step in trying to remove a penalty
14. Send reconsideration requests to Google Webspam team

Who should use the Google Search Console?

Practically anybody who looks after/owns/markets a website.

Site owners – Monitor your site’s performance and take necessary actions to make sure that the performance is TOP class and the site generates your desired conversion (sale, leads, phone calls, form submissions or email newsletter sign ups).
Webmasters – If you are a webmaster, you want to make sure that the site is technically sound. Search Console lets you easily monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware.
Search Engine Optimisers/Digital Marketers – SEOs/digital marketers looking after clients sites get valuable information that they can use to optimise the sites, further delivering best possible user experience and gaining better organic visibility.
Web Developers – If you are creating the actual code or mark up for your site, Search Console helps you monitor and resolve common issues with mark up, such as errors in structured data.
App Developers – If you own an app, you want to see how mobile users find your app using Google Search. Search Console can help you integrate your app seamlessly with the website world.

How to set it up: You will need a Google Account and once it is set up use the link below:

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