Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – or, Planning for the Future

If you aren’t Irish or are not a big fan of Guinness you might think this message doesn’t apply to you, but I’d like you to think again.

For some of our Digital Marketing customers who target the Irish or Irish ex-pat market this is a very busy time of year. It can be like a second Christmas in terms of traffic, and potential buyers on their websites, requiring an extra marketing push to increase the profile and profitability of their websites. The total spend on celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the US is now believed to be almost $5bn (€3.6bn) and that is forecast to increase this year.

Now if you are selling power tools or curtains, St Patrick’s Day might not relate directly to the focus of your business or your e-commerce website, but are there any holidays, festivals or events that could provide a boost to your sales and traffic outside the traditional windows?

Below I’ve listed a few dates you might consider that are still to come in 2014:

  • Mother’s Day – 30th March
  • Easter Weekend – 18th-21st April
  • Early May Day Bank Holiday – 5th May
  • Spring Bank Holiday – 26th May
  • Father’s Day – 15th June
  • Commonwealth Games – 23rd July – 3rd August
  • Summer Bank Holiday (Sco) – 4th August
  • Summer Bank Holiday (Eng, Wal, NI) – 25th  August
  • Independence Referendum (Sco) – 18th September
  • St Andrew’s Day (Sco) – 30th November

There might also be some that relate to your own industry, such as big trade shows like the Food & Drink Expo in March (Birmingham), or the E-3 Expo in June (Los Angeles), national conferences or new product launches by market leaders.

Perhaps you could come up with an offer to offer your customers that could tie in to an event like this – a St Patrick’s day discount on green curtains, for example? Trying to make your offer fun and memorable always helps it stick in people’s minds.

An extra day off puts people in a happy mood, and they have more free time to spend on their home or garden. Are you planning how to take advantage of this?

You should be!

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