Now your online ads can avoid embarrassing and unfortunate juxtaposition.


Google have released a new feature in AdWords that allows you to exclude the types of website on which you would not want to see your ads appearing. In the past, your ads may have appeared on any type of site in the Google Search and Display Networks. This occasionally could lead to an ad appearing on an inappropriate site; for instance an ad promoting fluffy, cuddly bunnies and pet products could show up on an adult-oriented site.

For placement and remarketing ads Google now offers site category options in which you select the types of sites you would like to exclude from your campaign. We automatically update the Google Ad Campaigns of our Digital Marketing clients to utilise these exclusions. We recommend the Experimental Mobile App selection be excluded too, as ads which appear within mobile games and apps are often tapped by mistake, costing more than other placement locations.

Some of the categories that can be excluded are:

Crime, police and emergency
Death and tragedy
Military and international conflict
Juvenile, gross and bizarre
Profanity and rough language
Sexually suggestive

Types of placement also include:

Social networks
Parked domains
Error pages

If you would like assistance in planning your PPC campaign, and especially in avoiding the embarrassing or inappropriate placements of your online ads, please give us a call on 01463 898043. We would love to be your go-to digital marketing team.