OpenSSL HeartBleed bug – a security vulnerability?


Heart Bleed

Recent security announcements have highlighted an urgent exploitable bug in the OpenSSL protocol. This is the part of the internet that is used whenever you access a website through a secure connection – usually when a padlock appears in your web browser.

Whilst the news was spun by many as a major security issue affecting millions of us, the actual details are  a little less alarming e.g. it does not affect all of the worlds web servers and there are is no direct knowledge of this vulnerability being exploited.

That said, all internet hosting companies, like teclan, have to take any such breaches very seriously.
Within 24hrs of the initial notification all of our vulnerable servers had been securely patched and were running without any known issues.

Whilst it is worthwhile checking with your hosting company, it is also worthwhile reading between the lines of online media security hyperbole.

It also confirms why it pays to have your website hosted with reputable hosting companies who act responsibly when such issues arise.

You can read more about this bug at