Product Listing Ads will soon be no more!

As of the 31st of August, Google’s old style Product Listing ads will no longer run so time is running out for you to migrate over to the new Google Shopping campaign platform.

For those of you that do not already know, product listing ads have been replaced with Shopping Campaigns; the new way to display your products in Google’s search results via your Google shopping ¬†feed.

Shopping Campaigns provide a far more flexible and targeted way of promoting your products, highlight features include:

  • Insights & Bid Simulator – This provides you with an insight into your competitive landscape and bid simulator provides you with predicted impressions for your products based on typical searches.
  • Improved interface – An easy to use interface providing allowing you to create ad groups based on brand, product type etc with ease.
  • Custom labels – Create custom labels in your feed then filter them into specific ad groups for ease of tracking.
  • Negative Keywords – You can now add negative keywords to your Shopping Campaigns in the same way as you would for PPC (Adwords).
  • Advanced Reporting – Their new Dimensions tab gives you a far greater insight into campaign and individual ad group performance.

Across all our clients that have migrated to Shopping Campaigns, teclan has seen a massive improvement in ROI and a far greater return over traditional text ads.

Below you can see a below and after graph of the 20 day period before and after switching. The figures are an average across teclan clients that have recently switched.


Simply put: if you have not migrated over, now is the time to do it.