teclan newsletter Issue 20 – October 2008

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Online retail continues to buck the downward trend
Whilst the tectonic plates of the global economy continue to shift and jolt around the world, a closer look at online retail shows a positive trend which is giving online retailers steady ground in these shaky times.
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Exciting New tecMail features
– Actinic Email Marketing Sales Conversion tracking!
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tecMail’s latest feature now allows you to send emails to your customers AND see how many of them buy from you AND see how much they buy.
As well as tracking the success and penetration of each email message you send, tecMail now also allows you to chart the cost effectiveness of your email Marketing campaign.
Email marketing is key to a successful online retail business.
The most successful E-retailers are doing it! Are you?
tecMail – Email Marketing Solution
351 days till Christmas!
Christmas Makeover results
After a large amount of applicants requesting entry to our Christmas makeover competition we had to extend the closing date in order to process all of the entries before announcing the winner.
We have now chosen the winner and we will be announcing the results of their makeover in an upcoming newsletter.
Thank you to all those businesses who entered and for the unsuccessful entries our team will be getting in touch directly to see what we may be able to assist you with.


New Browser on the block – Chrome
Google, the Search Engine Giant, has entered the internet browser market with their latest product offering in the form of a brand new internet browser, Google Chrome.
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