teclan SellerDeck Tools

teclan are offering a fantastic range of tools and addons for SellerDeck and Actinic (V8 and onwards).
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In this post we will have a look at each of the tools and how they can benefit you!

SellerDeck Bulk Editor

The SellerDeck Bulk Editor is the final version of teclan’s popular Task for Actinic software.

This software allows you to run your store effectively and efficiently saving you time and money by removing common repetitive tasks from your day to day SellerDeck management.

Perform hundreds of tasks on your SellerDeck store with the click of a button from changing prices to amending headings.

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SellerDeck Upsell Manager

Globally manage your also boughts and related products. Simply choose your products and pick the products you want them associated too. This is a massive time saver!

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SellerDeck Stats Counter

It’s a small, simple utility that analyses your SellerDeck database and tells you how many products, sections, components, attributes and choices your website currently has.

You simply run the software, pick the site you want and a report will be displayed.

SellerDeck Stock Reporter

Run stock reports and make changes to stock levels and prices.

Search by product reference or short description and make changes instantly to stock and price. This tool also enables you to run reports.

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