Valentine’s Day Email Marketing tips for your online business.

Show your customer’s some Love this Valentine’s Day.

It’s not just chocolatiers and rose sellers that should be busy this Valentine’s day.
You should use this opportunity to re-ignite your relationship with your customers and start talking to them.

With a well thought out email marketing campaign you can do just that. Follow our 10 step guide to email marketing success and make sure you entice your customers back to your store.

1. Get Prepared

The first step is to collect your images and decide on special offers right away. Within a day you should be able to draft out a campaign that will take you from now through to Valentine’s Day, and include the follow-up after February 14th.

You don’t want to overpower your potential customers, so we recommend that you run your campaign like this:

E-mail 1: Wednesday, January 20: first Offer
E-mail 2: Wednesday, February 3: Offer reminder
E-mail 3: Wednesday, February 10: Second offer reminder (e.g. “Only a few Days left!”)
E-mail 4: Wednesday, February 17: Thank customers who took advantage of the offer and extend a new offer to these loyal customers.

2. Use a Valentine’s Day Theme

Use a good balance of Valentine-specific copy and imagery to put subscribers in a Valentine’s mood.  Re-use the resources on your site and landing pages to keep the same tone.

3. Market by Gender and the product They Buy

Separate your subscriber list by gender and send female-oriented product offers to the men, and vice versa.

4. Keep Affordability in mind

Remember that many people are still paying off Christmas bills this time of year.  Your offer should be convincing, but affordable enough to encourage potential customers to act on it.

5. Target Valentine’s Day Customers from Last Year

Send an select e-mail to customers who purchased from you last year around Valentine’s Day with an even better offer this year. If the offer is right, they are likely buy from you again.

6. Make Offers Easy to cash in.

Make it easy to cash in your offer.  Make sure the button or link stands out. The offer should be placed in the top left-hand corner of the e-mail for maximum visibility.

7. Include Customer Reviews or Testimonials

People are more inclined to purchase a product or service when they know previous customers have had a positive experience.

8. Offer Tips and facts

Help your customers by offering Valentine’s Day tips in your next newsletter.  It could be centre round your top selling items from last year or one you want to promote.

9. Include Send-to-a-friend

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your customer’s friends into new customers. Persuade subscribers to forward the offer to their friends.

10. Remember to Say Thanks

On or shortly after February 14th send a greeting to customers and thank them by offering a small gesture of gratitude — like incentive points or a free gift with there next order.

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