3 reasons why you need a full SSL certificate on your website, today

It’s March 2017 and all the data coming in from Google and Bing’s constant re-indexing and reshuffling of their algorithms confirms what we already knew, however we’re going to state it here again just in case some people haven’t yet heard.

Your website should have a SSL certificate (padlock) installed and every page on your website should be served through this certificate (https://)

OK. So you want some reasons why?

  1. Google (for one search engine) uses HTTPS vs HTTP in its ranking algorithm.
    If you don’t have a SSL certificate across your whole site you will not perform as well in the search engines. Lower rankings, fewer visitors, fewer sales!
  2. Better security. Simple!
    Using a SSL certificate across your site will encrypt customer data, ensuring data integrity and assist with site authentication. This is very important in today’s increasingly connected world. Our data security is critical.
  3. Customer trust, brand credibility and user confidence.
    A SSL is a visual statement of your websites commitment to security and data integrity. SSL certificates are recognised, and visually displayed to users, by all the major internet browsers. Installing a SSL across your whole website will instil greater trust and confidence in your website with your customers.
Make sure your website shows the “golden” padlock in the browser, and reports your website as secure.

teclan’s hosted customers can obtain a full SSL certificate directly from the team here. Simply get in touch with the team on 01463 898043 or contact us at any of the methods shown above.