PCI Compliance – How I Became Certified as Compliant, More4Dogs.co.uk Merchant

PCI Compliance – How I Became Certified as Compliant, More4Dogs.co.uk Merchant
3 August 2012

Being a modest on-line merchant with my website www.more4dogs.co.uk, I was expecting notification at some point that I would need to display a certificate of compliance.  Sure enough, a letter came through from Streamline, outlining their new service ensuring that all merchants who use card payments are doing so securely.  They have partnered with Qualified Security Assessor, Trustwave.

Streamline charge £29.99 + VAT annual management fee.  If a company is non-compliant, Streamline will charge £9.99 + VAT per month and may even terminate their services with the merchant.

What did I need to do?

The Streamline letter guided me to the steps I needed to take to become compliant.  All in all, the process took around 30 minutes, which was much less than previously thought.

Step 1:            Go to www.streamline.com/pciportal

Click ‘Register Now’, ‘Get started’.  Easy to follow images to click on, ie Do you collect payments through your website?  Who collects the payments, 3rd party?  (If you collect any card information and store it, you will need to be scanned, which costs an extra £35)

I was told I am a level 4 merchant and to put in a user name and password.  Contact information and security questions – I had to select three questions for future verification.  Save and complete.

Step 2:            I chose the ‘Step by Step Wizard’ to take me through the rest of the process (you can choose ‘Straight to Form’).  I was asked to provide details of my Payment Service Provider.  There were also a number of yes/no questions which were straightforward.  Click ‘next’ – then Processed and Certified – done!

Step 3:            Trustwave provided html for the seal which I was able to put on my website, which, when clicked, shows the certification for More4Dogs.  I was also able to print a copy of the certificate.  I received an email from Trustwave with confirmation of the certificate and details for login to a dashboard so that I can check my account.

The only details I was left wondering about was whether I get a reminder in a year’s time or if it is up to me to remember to renew the certificate, also when I will be charged for the annual fee – however, I’m sure I will be notified of that soon enough!

teclan gave me their advice throughout this process and they are happy to assist any other merchant who may need guidance.  Thanks guys!