Responsive Web Design – the way forward!

How does your website perform on mobiles, tablets, notebooks, touch screens, desktops or large resolutions?

Are you confident that you are delivering the best possible user experience across the huge range of window dimensions that are now prevalent across the internet?
Then you need to do something about it.

“What are my options?” we hear you cry. Well, there are a few options available, however as this post’s title alludes to, only one we recommend. Gladly, the one we recommend is the best, most cost effective and future proofed method around.

It’s called “Responsive Web Design“.

Simply put, a responsive web design responds to the width of the browser window in which it is displayed. It will dynamically change its layout based on the width of the screen!
E.g. 3 columns on a desktop screen, 2 columns on an iPad and 1 column on a smartphone.

More importantly you do not need a separate website for this magic to happen. It can all be done within your one, main website! Great news, isn’t it?

“How does it work?” we hear you ask.
{the techy part}
it is an extension of the CSS3 @media rule, with fluid proportion-based grids (which use percentages and EMs instead of pixels) , to adapt the layout to the viewing environment, and probably also using flexible images.

“Eh?”, you say.
Simply put, there is code added to the page that a) watches the width of the browser window and b) moves and shifts things about when that width changes.
It can be complex and requires a lot of planning and decision making surrounding what gets moved where when the screen width changes e.g. what happens to the logo, header, shopping cart and main menu navigation when the screen shrinks to 180px wide?
This is where a quality design team, like the one we have at teclan, can create and design your website to ensure it adjusts to the widths of a wide range of devices appropriately for your site and your business.

Responsive Web Design is here to stay and is the primary technique now employed in designing websites at teclan.

To remain competitive in today’s ultra-competitive digital market place you need every edge you can. With mobile usage on the up and device window sizes rising massively this is a technique that is a “must have”!

Contact the team today to ask about Responsive Web Design and how you can get this for your business and make sure you future-proof your own website.