Achieving Google Compliance for Adwords and Google Shopping

With the launch of “Shopping Campaigns” from Google,  you will also need to know that the new Google functionality enforces new compliance conditions which affect your website.

Previously Google checked specific feeds and product landing pages for quality and data integrity. This checking has been extended to include additional information requirements on your site.

We have detailed these for you below –

  • Contact information on contact page
    Email address – ideally your contact email address must match the domain of the website.
  • Phone number and physical address of the business
    Note: Contact us form by itself is not allowed due to the risk of information harvesting.
  • Clear Billing T&Cs you need to meet these guidelines
    Your billing, terms and conditions must be clear and conspicuous to users and cannot just be provided via a link. Your prices and billing methods must be easily located on your website and conspicuous to users. Providing prices and billing information in very small print on your website isn’t considered conspicuous to users. Subscription-only billing and products are not allowed.
  • Returns and Refund Information you need to meet these guidelines
    You must mention clearly how return policies work and mention clearly how refund policies work. The quality of return (e.g. free vs. paid, returnable period) does not have to be reviewed.

We have already taken steps to prevent interruption to our Digital Marketing clients Adword and Shopping Campaigns.

If you have any queries regarding the above information then please get in touch with any of the team. We also have limited spaces left on our Digital Marketing so if you feel you don’t have the time, or want the expense of hiring and training a new employee or most importantly want further sales and traffic, give us call.