Exporting Google Shopping Feed from SellerDeck

Maintaining an up to date Google Shopping feed is an important admin task for those of you running product ads and shopping campaigns.

If you are a teclan Digital Marketing client you will receive a monthly schedule of when any Google Shopping work is to be carried out. Depending on your set up this may involve you sending a copy of your feed.

If you are not a Digital Marketing client and you are not doing Google Shopping, you are missing out an important revenue stream. Let a team of experts do the work for you.  Contact us today for availability.

Exporting a Google Shopping Feed from SellerDeck –

In your SellerDeck software, click on Marketing.

Click on Export Google Product Search Data Feed.

Make sure all 3 boxes are ticked.

Click Browse to find a suitable place to save your Feed.

If you are sending the file to teclan make sure there is only one full stop in the file name. As it maybe blocked by our Spam filter.

Click OK.

Your feed will now be saved as a txt file.