Are Google Product Listing Ads better than Adwords?

Are Google Product Listing Ads better than Adwords?

If you are one of teclan’s digital marketing customers, you’ll know that Google Shopping switched to a paid model earlier this year. We’ve heard you voice confusion over what it costs and how it works, resulting in some of you avoiding this potentially lucrative revenue stream simply through a lack time, knowledge and understanding.

In short here is what you should know: Google Product Listing Ads use your Google Shopping feed and links into your Adwords account, although it’s not free, like Adwords you have the ability to set the budget to what you want, for example anything from 5p a day to £500 a day. You still also have a free click basic Google Shopping running but this will only be active if you are using the Product Listing Ad feature.

Product Listing Ads then show customers a picture of your item and its price at the top of Google’s search results for relevant searches. Like Adwords you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website, but unlike Adwords you have the power of a visual image to help sell your product.

Look at what we found: Our Digital Marketing Clients, over a 1 month period, found that Google Product Ads provided a total Return on Investment of 2197% compared to 307% using traditional Adwords.

If you have good quality images and an optimised Google Shopping feed then Product Ads are a must for your business!

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