Email Marketing – what is your optimum send frequency?


How to make the most money possible without annoying your customers on your contact list!

OK – lets be challenging and controversial here.
Are you sending emails to your customers 15 times a month?
Seems like an awful lot? Worried that your customers would quickly make it known to you in no uncertain terms that this is too frequent?

That is what many business owners think, so you’re not alone.

Consider: Recent mathematical analysis performed from industry experts, using a contact list volume of around 10,000 showed (here comes some Maths)

total clicks in a given monthlist size * send frequency *  (-.08%*send frequency + 2.5%)”

which boiled down to

optimal send frequency = -2.5% / (2*-.08%) = 15 sends per month

What? What does that mean?

Well, put simply, for this example they found the “sweet spot” of volume of email sends vs click-through conversions were highest when sending every other day. Any more frequently and the engagement levels dropped and the returns diminished. Any less and the volume of conversions dropped from the maximum.

What does that mean for you and your business?

1. If you’re not doing email marketing then stop right there! Change your mind and start email marketing. It is a proven way for online merchants to cost effectively market their business online.

2. If you are undertaking email marketing you’ll need to think about what frequently of email sends your business model, your customers and your own marketing strategy will comfortably support. But be sure that, just as in the example above, chances are that you are not doing it frequently enough.
Increase the frequency, monitor and study the results and adjust your email marketing strategy to suit.

Does that all sound a bit like too much hard work?

Get in touch with our digital marketing team at teclan. We have email marketing expertise that will save you time and, as shown above, help find that email marketing “sweet spot” to generate the most possible sales and business from your valuable customer contact lists.

See what one of our customer’s has said:

“The campaign has proved to be very successful and we will be undertaking this on a monthly basis. The response was very good and the return on our investment was almost 20 times what was spent on the campaign. As well as this it also brought back previous customers.”