Are you making the most of available digital marketing channels?

Digital Marketing channels

So, does your online business do the following?

Email marketing, Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Google Shopping, Google remarketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook posts, Twitter updates, Pinterest boards, Polyvore sets, Sitemaps, SEO, link building, content marketing, blog writing, mobile/responsive designs, page speed optimisation, disavow bad link checking, competitor analysis, press releases, Amazon/eBay selling, e-commerce conversion rates etc?

Do you know which of the above is the most effective for your business?

Have you the time or drive to become an expert in the dizzying myriad of methods for marketing your business online? The fragmenting nature of online marketing means that you can spend a HUGE amount of time (and money!)  across a very wide spectrum of marketing channels. It requires a detailed understanding of how to get the most out of each channel before you can identify which channels are the most effective for your business. It is these channels that you can focus your time/resource/money upon.

“So, what do I do? How can I find out which channels I should utilise?”

Depending on your levels of resource and expertise, you can either undertake a ‘trial and error’ approach, setting a fixed budget (time and money) with which you can use to measure its effectiveness against other channels. Alternatively, you could employ a digital marketing agency to undertake these tasks for you. Their expertise and leverage across all these channels will quickly help you identify where best to focus your resources for maximum return on investment.

Our experience: Whilst every business and market can differ, email marketing still remains one of the best return on investments for online businesses. Build that email marketing list as hard as you can and market to it as effectively as possible.

ROI! ROI! ROI! (Return on investment)

Above all, focus on key performance indicators for each digital marketing channel you undertake.

E.g. For email marketing, a baseline conversion rate for emails would be between 1% – 5% from traffic to the website from emails. For Google Pay Per Click, you should be looking to get at least 250%-500% ROI.

Measure, measure and measure again!
Better yet, make sure the people, team or company you employ to deliver your digital marketing campaigns report in ‘return on investment’ terms to you. That way you will always be able to target your time and money on the most effective channels for the maximum returns.

If you don’t have the time to learn all about the variety of digital marketing channels, or possibly do not have the resource to employ your own digital marketing team then you need to speak to the teclan team, who are experts in all these digital marketing channels. Your success is our target.