Google Shopping Shipping Changes

As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent blogs, Google likes to tinker with things, and in the past couple of weeks both the Google Merchant Centre and the Google Adwords interface have seen some cosmetic changes.

Dig a bit deeper and you will see that the Merchant Centre now has far more advanced shipping features which can enable you to do the following:

More Shipping Methods – There are more default shipping methods and customable options, which means that regardless of your shipping method you can have the set up you require.

Set Rates By Location – Configure rates based on the shipping destination using countries, states, or cities.

Shared Shipping Options – Much like the shared list option you get in Analytics and Adwords, you can now create shipping methods you can reuse across various custom configurations.

Exclude Product Shipping – Exclude the products which you do not want to ship to certain regions.

This will be welcome news to many online merchants that have wanted to benefit from Google Shopping but haven’t been able to make their shipping model fit.

With Google increasingly striving for quality, it’s important you react to these changes because they will benefit you by providing your customers with accurate delivery costs. It will also mean you will comply with Google’s Merchant Centre guidelines

I seriously recommend that those of you who have not used Google Shopping before, take advantage what it has to offer now!