Changes to Google Shopping be ready!

Some of you will have noticed that Google over the past few weeks have become more strict with the content of your feed.

This is due to the imminent changes that will be made to Google Shopping as it is transferring to a commercial product using Adwords in the UK.

Many of the once nice to have attributes have now become mandatory.

Please click here for the latest products feed specification which come into effect in March.

Another key change is that Google will no longer allow you to set a minimum spend in the shopping cart.

Important additional information for wholesalers.

All Google feed data must show the price including tax and the landing page must show the exclusive and inclusive vat prices.

Below is a good example of how you can display this.


Why have Google made these changes?

It’s all about having better quality data which should result in a better experience for your customers.

Why are my competitors not being penalised?

The Google feed gets manually checked by the Google merchant team. You may see competitors that are bending the rules but they will be caught out eventually.

When will this come into effect?

The roll out in the UK will start in March.

Can teclan help?

We have helped many of our clients get onto Google Shopping. Call us today on 08458689380 or mail at for more info.