Taking Advantage of E-mail Marketing

Important Dates for your Diary

With Christmas over and the new year well upon us, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your upcoming promotions and marketing ideas. To make it a bit easier to plan, here is a list of dates that will be of use to businesses:

  • Pancake Day – 12th February
  • Valentine’s Day – 14th February
  • St Davids Day – 1st March
  • Mothers Day – 10th March
  • St Patrick’s Day – 17th March
  • Easter Weekend – 29th March-1st April
  • May Day Bank Holiday – 6th May
  • Fathers Day – 10th June

Not all of them will relate to your business of course, but with bank holidays representing peak buying times for consumers there are options here that any online business could and should take advantage of.

Why You Should Be E-mail Marketing

When times are tight for businesses everywhere, e-mail marketing is still the most cost effective way to get your products and services out to potential customers. By starting off with a list of your existing customers you already have a captured, usable list of contacts. That’s much better than just buying a giant unverified data list that could be months out of date, and you can use it to build lasting customer relationships.

It doesn’t just have to be a one-off contact either – newsletters that we have prepared for customers just like you are still being opened long after they were sent out, driving traffic and potential sales to your website.

How to Take Advantage

  • Why not plan a special offer or discount around one of these days?
  • Have you got a new product on your site that would make a great or unusual present for one of these days – why not let your customers know?
  • Try and add in some personal touches like the customer’s first name to make them feel included.
  • Did you pick up any new customers over Christmas why not add them to your mailing list?

Our e-mail software allows for detailed statistics so we can tell you when were peak times of interest or which products were most clicked on. You can also track your e-mail campaigns with Google Analytics to help you build up a better picture of how your online business is working.

If you don’t know how to get started with e-mail marketing, speak to teclan today. We have great offers on to take advantage of incoming holidays!