Email issues – Using Webmail to help identify a problem

Here at teclan, as web hosting providers, we often get support queries from you telling us that you are having trouble sending or receiving emails, or that your password is not being accepted. This is usually down to third party platforms having done an update or it’s an issue with your ISP, which can cause various errors from password problems to blank emails being sent out, despite you having put content into the mail before you sent it.

We are keen to know when you experience email problems so we can check everything is as it should be with your hosting; but we do a lot of proactive monitoring on the server, so we would expect to already be aware of any known issues and would keep you informed.

If you are unfortunate enough to have email issues but are fortunate enough that we provide your email hosting, we would have set you up with Webmail access and this is a great way to test sending and receiving your mail.

Go to any browser and type in webmail, followed by your domain name so it looks like this:

This will then bring you to a log in page, as shown below. In here, you would use your email address as your username and then your password to log in.


Once you are in, try to replicate the issue you had. If you are having password problems but can log in successfully to Webmail, this confirms you have the right password. If you have been unable to send or receive mail, being able to do so on Webmail confirms the server is working and doing its job, and points to the issue being with your third party platform. If you have tried to use Webmail and still have problems please get in touch and have your log in details to hand so we can check everything on our side to make sure all is well.

For security reasons we do not keep passwords, so please make sure these are stored securely by you, for your reference and that you can access them when you need to. When you call us we will ask you for this information so we can try and replicate any issue and resolve any query quickly for you as we fully understand the importance of a smooth mail service.

Below is a link, showing some correspondence on an email issue regarding blank mails and you will find other information online if you would like more examples or possible fixes.