More Google Shopping Changes


Hot on the trail of merchants being required to update their barcodes due to last month’s GTIN Enforcement another set of changes have been announced by Google. This update mainly focuses on clothing retailers. The general consensus is that this will be to make way for improved filtering within Google Shopping search results and possibly new ad types.

The below changes will come into force on 1st September 2016.

Google Product Category now mandatory
If your products fall under Apparel, Software or Media then you must now have the Google Product Category field completed in your feed. If not, your product will be disapproved, so we would recommend making sure ALL your products have this field.

You can find the categories here.

Changes in Minimum Image Sizes
Google is increasing the required minimum image dimensions for non-apparel products from 32 x 32 pixels to 100 x 100 pixels. The minimum image size for Apparel images will remain at 250 x 250 pixels. If not, your product will be disapproved.

We wrote a Blog previously about images on websites which you can read here.

Colour and Size Attributes now mandatory
All Apparel products must now have sizes and colours. If not, your product will be disapproved.

You can find more details on size and colours here.

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