Update on Google Performance Summit 2016

The Google Performance Summit focused on mobile and locations; while discussing the future of Google AdWords. We have put together some of the highlights and will be talking more about them in the coming weeks.

New AdWords interface
Google introduced a new sleeker looking AdWords interface, which has been built from the ground up rather than being an upgraded version of the existing platform. It has been designed to make everything easier and clearer to access, and judging by the video presentation that did look like the case. Beta for it is running into 2017 so we should see its release next year.


Mobile First
Much like how our own designers approach a new web design, Google are putting mobile first by giving them their own space and advanced functionality. This is much needed as for too long mobile has felt tacked onto the Google AdWords interface.

The changes include:

  • Mobile text ads will have 50% more text
  • You will be able to adjust bids by mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • New local text ads that work through Google Search and Google Maps

Visit Inside AdWords for a full break down on the Mobile First changes.

Click below to view the keynote speech.