Can you guess the world’s most popular email client?

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For the first time ever, Gmail has overtaken Apple iPhone email client software to become the most popular email client.

Apple has been dominating this spot for a good while now, especially since mobile views have been overtaking PC/Desktop views year on year.

For now, this indicates that Apple and Android users alike are manually switching to Gmail in order to read Newsletters…and of course emails in general. 

One thing to watch out for in the future, however, is if Newsletter campaigns possibly land in junk folders more often, due to Gmail’s auto unsubscribe feature and one-click junk folder actioning. 

Something else we could see in future is the rise of AMP based emails and Newsletters…but only if Gmail gains more market share, as that developing method is currently not accepted by most other email clients . 

At teclan we constantly keep track of such trends to make sure they benefit our clients for Email Marketing campaigns.


Data Source: Litmus