Getting Started with Secure Payments

Getting Started with Secure Payments

One of the most important aspects of your online business is a reliable, secure link between the customer and the bank in the form of a secure payment gateway.  A Payment Service Provider (PSP) will deal with the authorisation and security checks on your behalf to help prevent fraud.  This will give your potential customer security and reassurance and may be the difference between a sale or a ditched shopping cart.

Getting started

Before you can set up Actinic or Sage Pay secure payments you need a Internet Merchant ID number.  In the case of PayPal, this is not required.

An Internet Merchant ID is an electronic merchant number generated by your bank specifically for your business to be able to process online transactions.

If you do not have an Internet Merchant ID you need to contact your bank and advise what you need it for and what company will be collecting the card details.

Please see the following for examples of the different payment plans and the card collecting companies

Pay Pal takes a percentage of every transaction. Actinic and Sage Pay only charge for transactions after a certain amount of transactions.

Example of Actinic Payments 20
Set Up Fee£50.00
Monthly Fee£20.00
Over 350 Transactions per Month£0.10
Card CompanyCredit Call
Sage Pay
Set Up FeeNone
Monthly Fee£20.00
Over 1000 Transactions per quarter£0.10
Card CompanySage Pay
Example of Pay Pal Website Payments Pro
Set Up FeeNone
Monthly Fee£20.00
Total Monthly Sales£1500.01 – £6000.01
Per Transaction2.9% + £0.20 GBP
Transaction Price ExampleYou pay £3.1 on a £100 transaction
Card CompanyPay Pal

At this point you will find out about any additional charges from Streamline and your bank, i.e. a one off administrative charge and a monthly charge, depending on how many card transactions are processed. If your company is outside the EU there may be additional charges.This process can take up to 2 weeks to set up.

Once you have your Internet Merchant  number, you are now ready to go ahead with purchase of your Payment Service Provider.  Please call a member of the teclan team on or click here.

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  1. This information has been really useful to me, as I wasn’t sure where to start. I am now awaiting Actinic Payments application to go through, as this seems the best option for me and my website. After weighing it up, the cost is very reasonable too.

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