Google Page Speed – Is your web host and website Google friendly?

With Google’s much publicised Caffeine update Google is shepherding in new rules and algorithms regarding how it will rank websites, again. But what does this mean for Internet Retailers? How can you gain the competitive edge?

The latest issue to surface is surrounding Google’s Page Speed. Google  is striving to reduce page load speed and “speed up the web”. The logical outcome is that Page Speed will be a factor in determining ranking and search engine placement. This means websites need to look to maximise Page optimisation, server hosting speed, browser caching, Javascript minifying, gzip compression, parallelize downloads and many other facets within web technology!

In today’s ultra competitive marketplace the difference between winners and losers can be slight. With so many online retailing companies looking for that competitive edge there is often a feeding frenzy surrounding the latest rumours and announcements about any Google ranking algorithm changes. Often business owners can feel pressured to jump on an already unbalanced band-wagon, lost in the trees, instead of stepping back and taking a good look at the woods.

So what do you, as a business owner, need to know, and what should be your focus?

Relevant, compelling content effectively optimised should still be the priority for all websites. Targeting your market and the search engines with pages filled with relevant content, well laid out and well presented should still be the priority.

There are many, many other factors that you should be aware of when it comes to designing, populating, hosting and promoting your website. Tackling all of these at once can be overwhelming, so we recommend a step by step approach.

If you use any outside assistance for your website, for hosting, design, software etc make sure they can qualify their knowledge and experience regarding search engines and internet marketing. You do not want to have to undo work you have paid for.

OK – so let’s assume your website is online, fully propagated with thoughtful, well written, relevant content aimed at your customers and target audience.After all that should be your priority…..

… and then we can tackle this website speed issue.

Page Speed
Your website should be designed with speed in mind. That means optimised images, optimised HTML, CSS and Javascript. Your web designer should build your website with this in mind, using all the available tools including:

WebSite Optimisation
Google Page Speed Browser plugin

If you feel your website is not up to scratch then get in touch. We can certainly help.

Hosting Speed
Your website should be hosted on a fast server with fast hardware, housed within a fast data-centre with fast networking. This gives your website the best chance of being delivered quickly to the browser, well…. fast!
In your Google Account you can view your website speed performance (including network speeds).

Hosting Configuration
Your hosting company should have enabled all the relevant speed optimisation modules e.g. gzip and deflate.If you are unsure about this or want to see about getting a host that is optimised and ready for these challenges then click to see teclan’s Ecommerce Hosting

If you are needing any further assistance with this then feel free to get in touch with teclan and see how our design team, our hosting team or our marketing team can assist.

Link Building
Another vital element in the Search Engine Optimisation tool box. Getting the largest number of quality inbound links to your website is an essential ingredient in search engine ranking (Page Rank) and in footfall through to your website.
If you don’t want to expend the time and effort yourself, then allow our team of experts to deliver professional link building for your business.

Above all, remember and focus on the most important priorities first, and don’t always throw yourself straight onto the internet “fad” bandwagon. It might be the difference between a good decision or a waste of your valuable time.