Top 10 tips for retailers who blog

1. Study the web analytics for your blog site – which posts pulled a high volume of traffic or

generated the most comments? This will help you create the most compelling content

for future posts.

2. Shorter is better – writing for a blog requires different skills than normal copywriting. Take

a leaf out of the book of tabloid newspapers and keep your sentences and paragraphs

short and to the point.

3. Publicise your posts on social media – make sure you notify Twitter or Facebook followers

about your latest posts to drive traffic back to your site.

4. Don’t make your posts too commercial – it’s not all about sell, sell, sell! Your readers

are likely to come back if there is plenty of useful content that resonates with them without

pushing products too heavily.

5. Make your headlines snappy – keep your headline short and intriguing to encourage

visitors to click through and read the full post.

6. Always respond to comments – if someone leaves a comment – good or bad – always

reply. This will let users know you care about feedback and encourage real engagement by

generating rapport.

7. Embrace the blogosphere – a great way to increase awareness of your blog is to read

other blogs, making sure you leave a comment so others know you are active in

the blogosphere.

8. Invite guest bloggers – why not invite a customer to blog, or even a partner or supplier? It

will help to keep content varied and high profile names can attract new followers.

9. Include keywords in your posts – use your blog to drive SEO. Ensure your blog site is

hosted on a seperate IP to your ecommerce site and include plenty of keywords with links

back to your main site to help drive SEO.

10. Blog often – infrequent blog posts aren’t really going to cut the mustard. Blogging on a

regular basis will help build up and maintain a following.