Google Shopping – Google Base stops being entirely free!

Froogle, then Google Base and now Google Ad Listing in Google Shopping?

First it was free, and now we have to pay? What’s going on?

As you may or may not be aware lurking within Google’s every expanding empire, under the “Shopping” link in the main Google search pages, lies a valuable resource for all online retailers – Google Shopping. A search engine specifically designed for returning relevant searches on purchasable products, with links to the online retailers who sell them.

Online retailers can use Google Shopping to substantially increase their products exposure and ultimately generate more sales.

At teclan we have demonstrated to store owners again and again the value of listing your products on Google Shopping. It almost always generates more sales. In fact, if you are reading this and are not uploading your products to Google Shopping (currently a free service) then stop reading, sign up with Google and get them online, now! Need help with that? Just ask one of the team!

Google shopping “was” free.

The uploading of your products (usually in a text/csv file format) to Google Shopping was relatively easy, quick to do and most importantly free. A fantastic and cost effective way to generate more business. A stand-alone Google Base account was all that was required, and away you go!

Google Shopping will not be exclusively free anymore!

In a recent change to the business model Google has decided to rename the product upload listing for Google Shopping (once called Google Base) to Google Listing Ads.

NOTE: To quality for Google Listing Ads, you now additionally require a Google Adwords account and manage the listings of these product listing ads from your Adwords account.

Google have also stated that, whilst they will continue the free listings in Google Shopping through to the middle of this year, listings of products will now also be affected by “bids” placed on your listing ads from your Adwords Account.

i.e. Merchants who pay for Google Shopping listings will rank higher in the Google Shopping results than those merchants who do not pay!

When does this change happen in the UK?

Google have announced that from February 13th 2013 the new Google Shopping Product Listing Ads will come into effect.

What should you do?

Get registered onto the Merchant centre right now and start getting your products listed. Those companies that get their listings created now can continue with free listings whilst the new format rolls out.

You already list on Google Shopping?

Great! Keep going, and also setup your Product Listing Ads in readiness.

£75 promotion Credit

To help merchants move over Google is encouraging merchants to move with up to a £75 credit for their new Product Listing Ads.See their page for more information –


Get started today!

Read all about this and how to get setup with the new system here:


For more information or advice please contact the teclan team.