Email Marketing – Proof if works for ecommerce!

The following article was submitted to teclan by one of our customers,, who wanted to spread the message of their success to other ecommerce businesses who may not be undertaking effective email marketing.

It took a little persuasion for me to realise I needed to send out regular email campaigns. I was probably worried about putting people off. However, the results have shown that my customers are very much interested. I would love to say that each email brings an avalanche of orders. I do get some immediate orders, but I also get orders for other products not mentioned in the email, as customers have browsed elsewhere in my site. I get orders days later and I also have returning customers again and again, as I keep them up to date with my new products such as our Supercollar (with build in lead) ,serving as a little reminder now and again that we are still around. I try to add snippets of news and pictures of our dogs using the products so the customer can build up a picture of our lives up here in the Highlands with our dogs – making it more personal.

I believe the trick is not to put too much information on each newsletter. Give clear instructions to your customers on how to buy, ie one click. Make it attractive but not too busy, some customer’s platforms cannot cope with fancy graphics. I’m careful not to send more than two emails a month and this ensures I have very few unsubscribes, probably only five in the past year.

teclan can put together a newsletter very quickly for a small cost. The software allows you to monitor the campaign, assess open and click through rates, vital for future campaign decisions. teclan provide a detailed report with recommendations for the next campaign.

I have spent a lot of money on advertising in the past, often with little return. This is a low cost marketing strategy which has definitely been the most successful tool for


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