Royal Mail – New legislation for International Mail 14th January

Many may be aware already, but there is new legislation from the Royal Mail which may affect items you send via their International Mail. This is specifically for Royal Mail and Parcelforce. This is to comply with transport legislation and to prevent any risk there may be to the workers and general public. As from 14th January, more controls will be brought into effect concerning the items classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’. These items include nail varnish, aerosols (including deodorants), alcohol above 24% and perfumes and after-shaves (if flammable). The only ‘dangerous’ item allowed internationally is a lithium battery if enclosed within equipment. Royal Mail and Parcelforce may destroy or dispose of these items as they see fit and failure to comply could result in prosecution.

For the moment, small quantities of these items are still permitted to be sent via UK mail, however our local Post Master has told us there may be tighter restrictions in the UK from July.

For full details of what is and what is not permitted, CLICK HERE or alternatively you can pick up a leaflet from your local Post Office.