Google Shopping GTIN Changes – All You Need to Know



As announced in February, Google are tightening up their polices on GTIN requirements for Google Shopping. With less than two weeks to go here are some additional important facts you need to know and please read our previous Blog regarding the announcement. You can find it here.

What products are exempt?

  • Own branded products.
  • Products that have no GTIN.
  • Handmade or customised products.

If you are unsure check under the diagnostics tab in the Merchant Centre as any products that need GTINs will be flagged up. There is no need to buy barcodes for products that do not need them; and also never make up barcodes or use bought ones for products that have genuine ones because these will be suspended.

Will my Merchant Centre account be  suspended if I do not comply on 16th May?

If a product does not have a valid GTIN only the product will be suspended not the whole account. We would highly advise you to ensure that all relevant products do have their correct GTINs. It’s best to ensure you stay as compliant as possible.

How can I get correct GTIN values for my products?

● Check if the GTIN value is already listed on any CRM, inventory or fulfilment systems.
● If you don’t hold an inventory and use drop shipping, request the GTIN from the manufacturer or distributor.
● Use a barcode scanner. GTINs are available on the packaging of the products and  providing the number below the barcode in your feed will address the requirement.
● Request GTINs from the manufacturer.

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