Callout Extensions introduced to Bing Ads

Today Bing has introduced an option for Callout Extensions in their text ads. Much like the Google Callout Extensions, this provides additional highlighted text ideal for putting in your unique key selling points or the products you offer. The best thing is, they are free, so it is highly recommended you make use of them.

call_outYou can have up to 20 Callout Extensions associated within a campaign or adgroup. We recommend having four to six as they don’t always show and when they do the number shown can vary, usually displaying between two-four.

The below is taken from the Bing Ad Extension Policies page and details the guidelines on Callout Extension use.

  • A Callout Extension cannot be used merely as another line of text. Callout Extensions can only be used to highlight specific selling points or deals.
  • You may not drive unnecessary attention to the Callout Extension by using unnecessary symbols and characters like emoticons or excessive punctuation, for example. Review the Bing Ads Ad content and style policies to learn more.
  • Each Callout Extension must be unique. For example, you may not have multiple Callout Extensions with the same text within the same ad copy.
  • The text of the Callout Extension must adhere to Bing Ads policies. For example, your landing page must prominently feature any special prices, discounts or free offers that are described in any portion of the ad, including the Callout Extension.
  • Pay attention when using trademarks in Callout Extensions to avoid infringing the intellectual property rights of others. Trademark usage in Callout Extensions must still comply with Bing Ads intellectual property policies.

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