.htaccess web server hosting tips and tricks

The use of the htaccess file is frequently questioned online in various hosting related forums as support FAQ’s.
The majority of problems experienced is by people using poorly documented examples without a real understanding of the code and the server technologies they are trying to implement.

-“How useful is htaccess?” Very!

-“Can I use it myself?” Yes – with a little help, and that’s what this article is about.

– “What can htaccess do? Give me some examples?”

  • Redirect traffic to and from your website
  • SEO friendly redirects
  • speed up your site with cache control
  • set access authentication for files and folders
  • implement security for files on your site
  • redirect non-www traffic to www
  • redirect https to http
  • deny robots, IP’s or complete networks
  • control access by time of day
  • set server timezone
  • prevent browser caching
  • change PHP memory limits
  • and many, many more

We have located for you a very useful list of the most commonly requested features, with examples, that the htaccess can deliver for your website.
You can read it at htaccesscheatsheet.com online.