Do you know what is expected of a Google Partner?

Once a Digital Marketing agency completes Google’s Accreditation process to become an official Partner, there is a range of criteria that must be continually met and upheld for it to continue to hold Google Partnership status. This is more than just passing exams and having the required number of clients on your books – being awarded a Google Partnership is also about integrity and transparency.

teclan take great pride in adhering to these standards and provide our clients with total clarity on our AdWords management services. Unfortunately for some of our clients, this had not been the case with agencies they used in the past.

What you need to know!

Below are some of the key areas you should be aware of:

  • Agencies must be transparent and share Google advertising cost and performance information with you.
  • You must be able to access your own account and the AdWords account ID.
  • You are free to contact Google of your own accord regarding your account.
  • Agencies can’t make guarantees on unrealistic goals.
  • Google are strict on their reputation; agencies can’t make out that they have an extra special relationship with Google beyond the benefits of being a Google Partner.
  • Your account should reflect only your business and must not be shared with other agency clients.
  • Agencies must not offer AdWords vouchers for money.
  • Agencies can’t use the AdWords account as leverage over a client to bully them into keeping their services.

You can read the full third party Google policy here.

teclan are Google Partners and we fully adhere to the Google policy when working for our clients, currently managing £100,000 in media spend a month on their behalf. Contact us today on 01463 898 043 to discover how we can grow your business!