Magento Prostores and Go! Going…going…gone!

Magento No More
Magento No More


In a move that shocked a large number of online retailers who had not long moved to the much lauded and promoted Magento Go, the team behind the platform announced last year that Magento Go would be no more from 1st February 2015.

eBay pull the plug

Run by eBay Enterprise, the ecommerce division of eBay, Magento announced that on 01.02.15 it will shut down the Magento Go and Magento Prostores platforms.

BigCommerce steps in to save the day

eBay Enterprise decided that it might be a good idea not to leave their customers in the lurch so they partnered up with BigCommerce, one of the biggest players in the SaaS (software as a service) hosted ecommerce market.

Many ecommerce software sellers (where you buy and own the software rather than rent the hosted service) have used this major players withdrawal from the market as a shot across the bows and a warning against ecommerce merchants using SaaS solutions like Magento Go (or BigCommerce). We believe it is still important for merchants to weigh up all the pros and cons for choosing one solution over another.

“I’m on Magento Go! What do I do?”

If you haven’t already migrated to a new solution by now, then the best course of action would be to get in touch with BigCommerce today and get them working on migrating your website across to their platform asap.

If you are looking for assistance in selecting the best, most suitable ecommerce platform for your business i.e. the one that will help you make more money whilst saving you more administrative time and costs, then get in touch with the teclan Digital Marketing team today.