Make it your New Year resolution to increase your Social Media interaction in 2016.

2016-calendar-vectorIt goes without saying that being active on Social Media is an essential part of your marketing plan. But how can you reach your audience more effectively than your competitors? While creating quality content is a given, you also need to engage your audience. Here are a few free tips you might like to try to boost your Social Media engagement on Facebook.

* Post at least five times a week.

* Monitor when the best times to post are – good times to post are usually 7.15am, 11.30am and 8pm.

* Make posts more image-based because they are 80% more likely to generate engagement.

* Text posts should be roughly 80 characters long.

* Make sure to keep your content up to date and relevant and focus on upcoming events which relate to your company.

* Lists are popular, such as “Top Ten Ways To…” and often generate likes and shares.

* Ask viewers to ‘like’ or ‘share’ the post.

* Make posts educational with tutorials and helpful guides relating to your business or product.

* Look at the demographic of your current ‘likers’ and choose posts that will interest them so they are more likely to share or like.

*People love to see their content and their friends’ content shared by brands. Use your fans’ content every once in a while instead of your own, giving your post a viral push through specific communities that are close to the content creator.

* Include a CTA – a call-to-action – a clear instruction telling your audience how you want them to respond to your post. Even if you’re just posting regular content, you can increase your engagement by asking your readers to respond using CTAs like these: Read more, Click here, Subscribe now, Please share, Leave a comment and Buy now!

YouTube can also be used as a video blog and if you can create rich useful content your customers should want to follow you if there is a benefit to them. News updates about your company and new ranges, information based videos, even aftercare information, tips and tricks can all generate continued interest.

What’s not to like? It works…and it’s free!