Bing Product Ads

Bing Product Ads like Google Shopping Ads use your product information to display ads. If someone’s search query is relevant to your products your ad will show up.

If you have seen Google Shopping ads before you’ll know what to expect:

Bing ads at work

Rolled out in the US earlier this year Bing have now extended this service to the UK. Bing Product Ads are still in beta mode and have not been fully rolled out yet. teclan, as key Bing Accredited Partners in the UK, have access to this and already have several clients advertising with Bing Product Ads.

Google Shopping Ads or Bing Product Ads?

You really should use both, the Bing Merchant Centre is very similar to Google’s and to make things easier your Google Feed is compatible with Bing. This makes the management side less of a headache!

Many of our clients running Bing text ads for the past year have been getting great results. As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, our clients on averageĀ got a return of 700% of ad spend over May 2015.

Those of you with Google Shopping experience will know that it generally provides a far better return on investment than text ads. So it makes sense to get your foot in the door at this early stage.

Why you should consider Bing Shopping

You must have noticed all the TV marketing for Windows 10 recently featuring those cute kids, and Microsoft is already offering free upgrades to many Windows 7 customers directly through Windows Update. Built in to the new operating system is Microsoft Edge, their new browser and successor to (the dreaded) Internet Explorer, and there is deep search integration built into the operating system itself. You can search from the start menu for items both within your computer and the wider internet, from within Office and using the Cortana personal assistant.

Many PC users never update or change their browser from the default, so these searches will be carried out with – you guessed it – Bing, putting your ads front and centre. Bing is working hard to increase market share worldwide – from 2016 it will power searches on AOL sites – so if the US is a key market for your business, Bing could become not just useful but an important source of sales as it is now used for well over 20% of US search queries.

teclan are Bing Accredited Partners and we work with our clients on Bing Organic optimisation, Bing Product Feed Management and Bing pay per click ads.

Bing Ad Accredited

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