Make sure your site is secure this Christmas!

In this age of multiple secure payment service providers that provide their own security, SSL certificates are often overlooked. However an SSL can still make all the difference to improving your websites conversion rate.

The below excerpt* from the BBC on Christmas scams highlights this perfectly from a customer’s perspective.

“Whether intentional or not, some websites still ask you for your credit card details – and much other valuable personal data – without offering a secure connection.

Know how your browser tells you that you have a secure connection – look for the padlock symbol or change of coloured address bar or whatever it is.

If you don’t have a secure connection don’t trust that site with your details.

They either can’t be bothered, in which case they don’t deserve your custom, or they’re a fake.

Even if it is a secure connection make sure you click on the padlock symbol or similar to check that the site is registered to who you think it is.”

Make sure you can be bothered and keep all the stages of your checkout process – or indeed your whole website – secure for your customers.

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