SellerDeck IE11 Incompatibility Issue

It has come to our attention that a recent automatic update from Microsoft is installing Internet Explorer version 11 on Windows 7 PC’s.

There is a known incompatibility with Actinic/Sellerdeck which can stop site publishing/refresh working, and give errors suggesting a problem with hosting.

If you encounter errors uploading, please check the version of Internet Explorer currently installed on your PC, particularly if you run Windows 7 or higher. Please check the section below for your version of SellerDeck/Actinic.

Further details, including how to check and work-arounds to resolve the problem can be found in the following SellerDeck Community article:
NOTE: After uninstalling the IE11 upgrade you should use “Web > Refresh Website” rather than a simple “Publish”.

SellerDeck have released a patch version 11.0.5 for SellerDeck Version 11 customers that resolves this issue. This can be downloaded here.
Again, after upgrading, we recommend you should use “Web > Refresh Website” rather than a simple “Publish”.

There is a previously published upgrade, 12.0.3, that does not suffer from this issue. If you have not yet upgraded to this version, we recommend you do so to avoid this issue:
This can be downloaded here.

It’s important to note that SellerDeck no longer support V10 and below. teclan would strongly recommend any one on these versions to upgrade to maintain support and take advantage of the latest software new features.

If you need advice on upgrading contact us today.