Mobilegeddon – was it for real?


So, the 21st of April came and went. The much-hyped algorithm update from Google that affects the organic rankings of non-responsive website designs was rolled out across the internet… or was it?

MOBYGEDDONMobilegeddon crashed upon us all engulfing us in a wave of fear over disastrous search engine ranking losses, and we’ve been since asking ourselves “Were there any survivors?” The short answer is yes… and no!

The roll-out and update did start happening on the 21st April, however it was not immediately experienced by everyone at the same time. It was a gradual release, the effects of which are still building with each passing week.

What do the stats show? teclan have been digging deep into the analytics of many of our successful clients for whom we deliver Digital Marketing, to see the impact for ourselves. We have also analysed both websites which have responsive design and those that do not.

The results so far…

Responsive sites are generating more visitors and making more money.

Mobile responsive websites have seen a 10-20% increase in traffic from mobile and tablet devices. For some customers this has manifested in an equivalent increase in revenue from 10-30%.

Non-responsive websites are not doing as well.

We have seen traffic from mobile and tablet devices drop from anywhere between 5% right up to 30%+ with corresponding revenues also in decline.

In summary:

The story of Mobilegeddon is one of trends.

The majority of people are now using mobiles and tablets to access websites – we are well past the 50% tipping point. Google is now actively delivering search results based on the device the customer is searching on and are slowly removing all non-responsive/mobile websites from their organic search results delivered to these devices. This decrease in organic search performance is also impacting on conversion rates, paid Google advertising performance and page rank performance overall.

The knock-on effect for merchants and online retailers is a simple one.

Fewer visitors = fewer sales
Lower conversion rates = fewer sales

In short, if you have not already converted your website to responsive, or have a separate mobile site, or are planning to get a responsive website, then you will be losing market share, sales and revenue!

If you would like more advice on responsive website designs and how they can increase sales and generate more revenue for your online business then get in touch with the teclan team today.