QRCodes – and their Ecommerce application

QR (Quick Response) Codes – have you seen them?

The basic premise is that with a suitable camera/device e.g. mobile phone with QR reader, you can instantly take a snap of the QR code and reveal the hidden information which could be some promotion text, a link to your website or even a phone number which the phone device could then call.

How could you use this for your ecommerce business?
The use of QR codes is growing, as is the accessibility of  devices which are enabled to decode these visual messages. More and more people who are switched onto this technology are looking for these QR codes and you can take advantage of this curiosity factor.
Create a poster promoting a product with a link to the product on your website. Publish a newsletter article with a QR code offer a discount code for use on your website. Use a QR code in traditional marketing formats e.g. newspapers, magazines and printed media.
Use it in branding products e.g. T-shirts, flyers etc to communicate your contact details.

Create your own QR Codes for your business.
There are many useful online resources for creating your own QR Codes.

Visit http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ for example where you can choose from encoding a URL, SMS, text or phone number into the QR Code.

It presents another fun opportunity for you to get your message “out there” to your market audience.

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