Right Hand Google Ads No More

As of Friday 19th February, Google no longer show AdWords Ads on the right hand side of their search results.

As you can imagine this is a big change as to how Ads are served over Google and may affect your current AdWords campaigns, as well as your organic performance.


What we know so far is that this affects all users worldwide and the ad space for top results appear to have been increased from three to four, and bottom ad spaces two to three.

The ‘why?’ has been the topic of much debate over the Internet for the past few days. Nobody has a definitive answer but everything points to this purely being a business decision by Google to make text ads more profitable.

If we are to take what we know on face value, this will push down organic rankings as well as making it more expensive for first page AdWords bids. This clearly isn’t good news for the majority of online companies out there.

As to the true effect of this change over time, we can only speculate. The best thing to do at the moment is to keep a close eye on your Ad campaigns and organic traffic. teclan will be following the development of these changes and will be posting further Blogs once we have more facts.

This change follows closely off the back of Google’s new tighter requirements on GTINs for Google Shopping. Could there be new Google Advertising channels or an expansion of existing ones on the horizon?

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