The benefits of having an SSL Certificate on your e-commerce website

SSL Certificates are an effective way to make your customers aware that your site has the stamp of approval from a leading global Certificate Authority, thereby gaining a competitive advantage by appearing more trusted and more legitimate than sites without one.

Displaying the SSL seal on your website can increase visitor-to-sales conversions, lower shopping cart abandonment and may result in larger average purchases; because it provides assurance to your customers that their data cannot be tampered with.

Without SSL encryption, packets of information travel through networks in full view, and without third-party verification, you don’t know if a website is really a business that can be trusted. But an SSL Certificate contains the following information:

* The Domain Name for which the Certificate was issued

* The owner of the Certificate and the Domain Name

* The physical location of the owner

* The validity dates of the Certificate

An SSL Certificate helps website visitors protect sensitive information and get a better idea of who they are trusting it with. The Certificate is non-forgeable proof that an independent trusted third party has verified that the website belongs to the company it claims to belong to.

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of SSL security and will often not purchase online from non-secure stores. All major web merchants use SSL security to encourage customers to buy online.

If you’re not using SSL and you’re taking the users data, you’re putting them and you at risk. Thousands of people are victims of Internet fraud each year and the advice to all online shoppers is to only use websites that are protected with an SSL Certificate and never give out credit card numbers or personal information unless the site is secured.

To know that a site is SSL secured, make sure that the website’s address begins with “https” rather than just “http.” There may also be a lock icon on the screen, though you should not trust a lock icon alone unless it is also accompanied by an “https.”

Preventing fraud by using an SSL-certified website will not only protect your personal information and financial records, it can also reduce the growing wave of Internet crime.

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