Goodbye to Converted Clicks

AdWords introduced conversion tracking in 2001 to measure what happens after someone clicks on your ad. The ability to know whether or not people finished an action on your site meant that you could determine which keywords, ads and campaigns were the most effective for you.

Adwords, conversion bid metric setting

The original conversion measurement metric was very basic – simply recording whether an ad click led to any type of action on your site. That outdated metric is called “Converted clicks” and in the 15 years since the introduction of conversion tracking, many improvements have been made to measuring and attributing conversions.

To simplify things, “Converted clicks” will soon be retired, with “Conversions” becoming the default way to measure valuable actions for your online business. “Conversions” can take advantage of non-last-click attribution models and different counting options, and can measure important, mobile-centric actions like cross-device conversions and store visits – things that “Converted clicks” cannot do. It’s one of the reasons “Converted clicks” will no longer be supported past September 2016. Read more here.

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