Shop easy with Showcase Shopping

Google have always been focused on helping people find the exact product they’re looking for when they already have a good sense of what it is they want.

premium (1)But over 40% of shopping related Google searches are made in broad terms like “men’s sport clothing” or “outdoor patio furniture.” For these less defined searches, what Google have often shown are specific product ads – i.e. a beige sofa – and that may not be the most useful result for the person who isn’t exactly sure what it is they want to buy.

Showcase Shopping ads will help people further explore and discover what’s out there and where they can buy it. For example, if a shopper searches for ‘summer dresses,’ the global apparel retailer ASOS can showcase its full collection of dresses in a visually rich experience.

In the coming weeks, all merchants running Shopping Campaigns will be eligible to have their products automatically appear in Showcase ads. For those businesses who would like to customize how their brand and products appear, Google are also testing a premium version that will allow them to curate the experience.

teclan will be utilising this for many of our clients and we will keep you updated on the developments and also on the proposed premium version.

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